04 / 21

Youth building set to open!

The new youth group wing of the church is in its final stages of development. We will be launching this new wing coming soon. We appreciate all of the support we have gotten from everyone. We are excited to release to the public, and more importantly, to our YOUTH! Join us next Friday we we have our giant reveal party!

05 / 15

Parking lot almost done.

The parking lot will be getting a new coat before the winter. Please respect the boundires and do not drive over the new asphalt. We appreciate all of your understanding through this inconvenience. Once the parking lot is done we will have a nice smooth surface to drive on.

05 / 23

Summer Camp!

We are currently putting together a summer camp for next year! All youth from the ages of 12-18 will be able to sign up for this camp. We are excited to release this. Make sure you are one of the first to register as there will be a prize given to the first 10 to sign up! We will see you there!