The Church is a young, independent, growing church. We started with a small group of people who came together out of a shared desire to create a different kind of church that was not defined by a specific place or a specific gathering time, but by a group of people living out the truth of God's Word by modeling grace, and by loving and serving others.



What is something that is heard for you to understand when it comes to Jesus and the way he is able to forgive no matter what? For me I always wonder, on the Cross what was it that him as fully man, think to encourage & assure the man that because of his willingness to believe in Jesus he would be saved.  


Sermon Title: Worship

Listen as pastor talks about "Worship". Is worship something that we do on Sunday or should it be a lifestyle of living in Fellowship with the Lord? How do we go about leading a life of Worship?

Sermon Title: Parenting

Being a partner is one of the largest responsibilities that we will have on this earth. It is such an amazing gift but also an unbelievable amount of work.  Listen in on what the bible tells about being a parent. 

Sermon Title: Salt & Light

What does it mean to be the light in a dark world?  It is often very difficult to live a life that is worth being known as a "light" for Jesus. Here is what the Bible has to say about being a light in the dark world we live in.